Leisure · Travel 스킵네비게이션

Time Interval

Research Period

Mar. 2W(3/13)Mar. 3W(3/20)Mar. 4W(3/27)Apr. 1W(4/3)Apr. 2W(4/10)Apr. 3W(4/17)Apr. 4W(4/24)May 1W(5/1)May 2W(5/8)May 3W(5/15)May 4W(5/22)May 5W(5/29)Jun. 1W(6/5)
Going to movies8.
Seeing a music concert3.
Seeing a play/musical4.
Going to art galleries and exhibitions3.
Going to museums3.
Participating in musical activities and taking classes1.
Watching a Literary Event1.
Participating in art activities and taking classes1.
Participating in other cultural art activities and taking classes1.
Participating in photos and taking classes0.
Participating in dancing and taking classes1.
Participating in literature activities and taking classes1.
Seeing other cultural arts
Participating in traditional arts and taking classes1.
Watching dance performances1.

Select up to 5 leisure activities that you are interested in, in order of preference (%multiple responses)
(15 “Going arts and culture + Experience” related items out of 86 leisure culture activities presented)

* Note 1) Maximum tolerance (n=1,000/week) ± 3.1%, (n=2,000/month) ± 2.2%

* Note 2) For the stability of the data, the previous week and the simple moving average were obtained.