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ConsumerInsight's great challenge continues with
its history of business success, along with our customers.

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For the past 22 years, ConsumerInsight has worked tirelessly to establish a distinguished research business through the use of advanced technology. Despite facing numerous challenges, we have successfully achieved our goals in the research industry. As an influential third-party data provider, we cater to various fields such as automobiles, telecommunications, travel, and finance. Moreover, we operate the 'K-Panel,' which is the only non-F2F mobile sampling frame representing the nation.

ConsumerInsight is proud to be the first company recognized by national statistics for our 'Non-F2F survey' and 'Mobile survey.' This achievement sets us apart from others in the industry, and we take great pride in it. Additionally, we have made significant strides in the data business, which we believe is the core value of the 4th industrial revolution. We were the world's first research company to match survey data and heterogeneous big data (finance, telecommunications) at the individual level under respondents' consent, opening up the way for perfect quality verification of survey data through data convergence.

In recognition of our potential to dramatically improve big data preprocessing and provide smart data that will become the center of the big data platform, ConsumerInsight was awarded the 2021 Data Grand Prize by the Korea Data Industry Association. This accolade is a testament to our groundbreaking work, which many data experts had been pessimistic about in the past.

The convergence of heterogeneous data at the individual level will bring revolutionary progress in both the research and data industries. By utilizing the strengths of each industry while supplementing their weaknesses, we can bring about transformative change. As the pioneer of this new path, ConsumerInsight will take its next big but humble step forward.

We are committed to continuing our great challenge alongside our customers, building on our history of business success.

ConsumerInsight CEO. Kim, Jinkook

ConsumerInsight History


  • Established a representative 'K-Panel' using the national statistics sampling method of the National Statistical Office

  • Conducted 'Passenger Terminal Traffic(O/D) Study' for Korea Transportation Research Institute

  • Won '2021 Data Award, Data Industry Association Award' of Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency

  • Selected as 'Big Data Platform Construction Project & Cultural Center' by Korea Institute for Intelligent Information Society Promotion

  • Launched weekly leisure, culture, and sports syndicated study


  • Selected as the Data Voucher Support supplier (sales and processing)


  • Pilot project for data convergence based on personal consent (big data + small data)

  • Launched weekly consumer perceived economy survey


  • Published the basic environment report for revitalizing regional (local) tourism.


  • Sponsored more than 100 academic research projects

  • Launched Travel/Leisure Activity Recommendation Site

  • Launched Syndicated Distribution/Shopping Study


  • Founded Consumer Trend Research Lab

  • Published Short-term Travel Market Forecast Study results

  • Started Travel/Tourism Research sponsorship


  • Developed Short-term Travel Market Forecasting system

  • Changed company name to ConsumerInsight


  • Started sponsoring Janghoon Scholarship



  • Hosted Automobile quality and customer satisfaction conference

  • Smartphone SIS(Smart Innovator Study)


  • Established on-line research company, Panel Insight (Invight)


  • Announced EXOMAR Conference for the first time in Korea
    - Telecom : Leadings from an Advanced Market


  • Launched Syndicated Telecommunications Study (Twice a year, annual sample size of 100K)


  • Started an annual syndicated automotive study taking the strengths of Consumer Reports and J.D.Power, respectively (once a year, sample size of 100K)


  • Established as a market research and consulting firm specialized in syndicated studies & consulting