Leisure · Travel 스킵네비게이션

Time Interval

Research Period

Jun. 3W(6/19)Jun. 4W(6/26)Jul. 1W(7/3)Jul. 2W(7/10)Jul. 3W(7/17)Jul. 4W(7/24)Jul. 5W(7/31)Aug. 1W(8/7)Aug. 2W(8/14)Aug. 3W(8/21)Aug. 4W(8/28)Sep. 1W(9/4)Sep. 2W(9/11)
Domestic Travels44.945.844.244.242.842.743.442.741.440.740.641.242.2
Overseas Travels48.247.047.650.844.544.748.750.447.747.046.648.249.4

Looking only at domestic (international) travel, how much more do you think you will spend on tourism/travel in the next year compared to the past year? (% more)
[5-point scale: % more (1-2pts.) % will be similar(3pts.) % less (4-5pts.)]

* Note 1) Maximum tolerance (n=1,000/week) ± 3.1%, (n=2,000/month) ± 2.2%

* Note 2) For the stability of the data, the previous week and the simple moving average were obtained.