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Research Areas

ConsumerInsight is a Full Service research company

  • Quantitative
    Online/Email etc Online Survey System
    Gang Survey/HUT etc Gang Survey/Home Use Test etc.
    Mobile Research Mobile Survey
    Face to Face Face to Face Survey
    CAPI/CATI computer aided personal interviewing
    computer aided telephone interviewing
  • Qualitative
    In-depth Interview Professional/Consumer in-depth interview
    Group Discussion Focused group/Mini group consumer FGD
    Ethnography Various observatory studies such as home visit/shadowing
    Creative Workshop Various 2nd round workshops for New Concept Development, etc
    Pilot Study Preliminary studies to investigate in advance when market understanding is not sufficient

Sampling Frame: One and only IBP (Invitation Based Panel) in Korea

"IBP (Invitation Based Panel) of 820K panelists is the only panel that can ensure representative and independent sample data".

  • Invited to a survey through random sampling designed for large scale syndicated studies

  • that they participate earlier

  • And permit ConsumerInsight to send them survey invites via either Email, landline or/and mobile phones.

  • Website Visitors
  • Banner ads
  • Giveaway events
  • Recommendation events

Not a single panelist signed up through these channels.

Not a single person among Consumer Insight's 820K IBP panelists are selected in the same typical way.
If anyone could become a part of the panel, then objectivity and reliability of data can not be assured.
Research that is truly free of external influences is one that uses IBP.