Leisure · Travel 스킵네비게이션

Time Interval

Research Period

Jan. 1W(1/3)Jan. 2W(1/10)Jan. 3W(1/17)Jan. 4W(1/24)Jan. 5W(1/31)Feb. 1W(2/7)Feb. 2W(2/14)Feb. 3W(2/21)Feb. 4W(2/28)Mar. 1W(3/6)Mar. 2W(3/13)Mar. 3W(3/20)Mar. 4W(3/27)
Walking/race walking/jogging12.912.514.
Watching domestic professional sports5.
Body building7.
Watching domestic professional sports in person4.
Play golf6.
Play racket sports3.
Doing yoga / pilates4.
Watching foreign professional sports3.
Bicycle/cycle/mountain biking2.
Jump rope / exercise / stretching3.
Playing ball games2.
Playing other sports1.
Playing bowling, billiard/pocket ball2.
Watching golf videos1.
Seeing other sports videos or in person1.
Watching e-sports1.
Playing winter leisure sports0.
Playing dance sports1.
Playing water sports0.
Playing martial arts/MMA0.
Watching MMA sports0.
Watching MMA sports in person0.
Playing extreme sports0.
Watching e-sports in person0.
Watching golf games in person0.

Select up to 5 leisure activities that you are interested in, in order of preference (%multiple responses)
(27 “Exercise/watching sports+ Experience” related items out of 86 leisure culture activities presented)

* Note 1) Maximum tolerance (n=1,000/week) ± 3.1%, (n=2,000/month) ± 2.2%

* Note 2) For the stability of the data, the previous week and the simple moving average were obtained.